The Gardens

Demonstration Garden

The Gardens opened in 1979 with a prominent vision in mind, to have a public demonstration garden and a center of horticultural education, celebrating the importance of plants in a sustainable world.

We are an internationally recognized botanical garden and a respected center of life-long learning, conservation and research.

We are a public garden lovingly cared for by staff, volunteers and students.

HCP was named Canada's Garden of the year in 2017.

We at HCP gratefully acknowledge that we occupy unceded territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ and Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples. We recognize these lands and ecosystems are not our own. We recognize our role in the continuing process of dispossession, colonialism, and reconciliation. We recognize the need to do better. We humbly welcome all to join in this learning journey.

Bridal Garden

This garden occupies the semi-circular beds edging the Gathering Place.

The HCP Kids Garden

This is where we create and provide hands-on educational experiences.

The Memorial Wreath Garden

This garden was planted in 2019 on the site of the previous Ornamental Grass Garden.

Permaculture Garden

Permaculture is a set of design principles centered on whole systems thinking.

Garry Oak Meadow
Flower Garden

The diversity of native plant species in this garden represents two important ecosystems.

The Iris Display Garden

Known as the flower of the Rainbow Goddess, irises bloom in almost every colour and during much of the year.

The Heather Garden

Since Victorian times Heather has been used as an ornamental plant in gardens and containers.

Drought Tolerant Garden

The garden features five beds separated by gravel edged stone pathways.

Doris Page Winter Garden

This woodland garden has a full range of light exposures from full sun to full shade.

Upper Veggie Garden

This garden demonstrates the variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers that can be grown.

The Children's Garden

This is a garden designed for the enjoyment of young children.

Takata Japanese and
Zen Garden

Named for the Takata family who owned and operated a Japanese garden in Esquimalt from 1907-1942.

Bonsai Garden

Created in 2014, with over 60 bonsai trees on display. Bonsai is a Japanese phrase meaning “plant in a tray.

Rhododendron &
Hosta Garden

A woodland setting demonstrates a harmonious garden with year-round interest.

Ann's Garden

Created as a cottage-style garden in memory of Barbara Ann Jardine (1923-1991).

Native Plant
Demonstration Garden

A natural setting designed so that plants, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

Mixed Borders Garden

Today's major design trend is a mixed border garden, because it can provide year round interest.

Mediterranean Garden

Features plants found in the different regions of the world where Mediterranean gardens flourish.

Lily Garden

True lilies are members of the genus Lilium and are herbaceous multi-scaled bulbs.

Conservation Park

This spectacular area supports many avian species and the wetlands are a major migratory waterfowl stop.

Birds, Bees and
Butterflies Garden

This garden is an ever-changing landscape and an all seasons pollinator garden.

The Cutting Garden

A cutting garden is designed to provide fresh cut flowers. These flowers can be used to create bouquets as well as other floral décor.

The Farm Garden

Located in the lower field, this garden was developed in 2011 with a federal grant. The 12 session course was called Grow it, Cook it, Eat it.

The Urban Garden

In a small setting, it is possible to achieve a degree of self-sustainability using recycling, reclaimed, and repurposed (RRR) materials.

Hardy Fuchsia Garden

Many hardy fuchsias do quite well here, thriving in our mild summers and wet winters.

The Herb Garden

This garden takes you on a delightful and educational journey. The garden began in 1997 but was renovated between 2009-2012.