Bonsai Garden

Created in 2014, with over 60 bonsai trees on display. Bonsai is a Japanese phrase meaning plant in a tray."

It includes many styles of miniaturized tree arrangements and containers that work together as a unified whole to present an artistic representation of mature trees.

The collection is very diverse and has many trees native to Vancouver Island on display (including Mountain hemlock, Douglas fir, White spruce, Ponderosa pine, Yellow cedar, Western Red cedar, and Shore pine). There are also many exotic trees include Japanese maple, Chinese elm, Pyracantha, Japanese larch, Hornbeam, Beech, Hinoki cypress, Japanese black pine, and Shimpaku juniper.

It is the only outdoor Bonsai garden in Western Canada and the second largest in all of Canada. A great display of the art of bonsai in a tranquil environment, a great place to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon.