Hardy Fuchsia Garden

This garden demonstrates a variety of hardy Fuchsias that grow well in our climate.

Many hardy fuchsias do quite well here, thriving in our mild summers and wet winters. Fuchsias continue to flower well into fall until the first frost. During mild winters, some of them continue to bloom and don't drop their leaves.

Some years when we have an exceptionally cold winter, fuchsias will die down to the ground. When pruning in spring(after the last of the hard frosts) wait until leaf buds swell, then prune out dead twigs, or prune down to the ground if winter knocked it entirely back.

A formal geometric style provides pattern and structure to the garden. Small trees create the partial shade needed for some fuchsia cultivars and the Boxwood Hedge and Pyramidal Taxus add winter interest.

Hardy fuchsias are hummingbird magnets and have proven to be deer resistant for most local gardeners. Several of the cultivars grown here are propagated and sold at our plant sales.