Drought Tolerant Garden

The garden features five beds separated by gravel edged stone pathways. The beds are built on land which is terraced on a north/south slope to provide level areas for planting.

The entire garden is exposed to full sun with the exception of a narrow band on the east side which is partially bordered by the Ligustrum hedge. The soil is loose and free-draining topped with a mulch of pea gravel.

Most of the plants in this garden require minimal watering during the dry summer months but will thrive with about 15 minutes of irrigation per week. One of challenges of a drought tolerant garden is to foster plants which can survive with minimal water in summer and excessive water and frost in winter. Some experiments with planting position and depth have been successful.

The Opuntia cactus was planted on a mound for better drainage. Some borderline hardy plants, such as the Convolvulus cneorum, endure the winter better with some protection. The plant collection consists of shrubs, grasses, perennials and annuals which provide summer colour. Now more than ever, climate change dictates a need for more heat and drought tolerant plants.