Lily Garden

True lilies are members of the genus Lilium and are herbaceous multi-scaled bulbs.

There are over 100 species of Lilium found around the northern hemisphere and they are grouped into divisions – a group of species which can be interbred to produce hybrid lilies.

The more common divisions are: Asiatics – brightly colored unscented flowers that bloom from June through to August and may be upfacing, outfacing, or downfacing; Martagons – the earliest lilies, blooming in May and June, with whorled leaves, and a multitude of smaller flowers on each stem; Trumpets – tall, elegant plants with sweetly scented pastel colored trumpet shaped blooms in July and August; Longiflorums – the ‘Easter Lily' with shorter plants and crystalline white long trumpets in June; Orientals – shorter broad leaved plants with large outfacing, intensely scented red and white blooms in July through September.

Companion plants include many other genera, including a wide variety of Iris and other perennials, shrubs and trees  to provide interest year round.