Conservation Park

This spectacular area supports many avian species and the wetlands are a major migratory waterfowl stop.

Increasing numbers of salmon have been returning to Colquitz creek, and the HCP portion of this watershed is being rehabilitated as winter feeding grounds for the salmon and cutthroat trout fry. There is already a small population of tiny cutthroat trout in the inlet stream to the flats.

A carefully planned trail and viewing station system has been developed to strike a balance between conservation and public access. This system allows people to move through and view most of the area without severely impacting the more sensitive natural areas. The HCP is part of the 130 ha Glendale Lands site, and the trail system has been developed with the cooperation of the other land owners, which include Camosun College, the Vancouver Island Technology Park, Layritz Municipal Park, and the District of Saanich. In turn, this trail and conservation system is part of a much larger system that covers much of the Saanich Peninsula.

Due to the efforts of hardworking volunteers and the procurement of grant funds, thousands of new trees have been planted and two kilometers of trails have been established. Infrastructure development has included construction of trails with viewing points, a bird viewing platform with parking lot at the inlet end of the flats, and a weir system at the exit end. Free to the public-access off Interurban Road or VITP.