Garden of the Month August 2021

Garden of the Month: August 2021

The Garden of the Month for August 2021 is The Cutting Garden!

A cutting garden is designed to provide fresh cut flowers. These flowers can be used to create bouquets as well as other floral décor. Ideally a mix of annuals and perennials are used to offer a spring to fall harvest. Plants should be selected for their size, shape, texture, color, scent and ability to survive in water after being cut. Full sun, good drainage, adequate irrigation and regular maintenance are necessary for a cutting garden to thrive. This garden was created in 2011 on the site of the original Joan Grimsdick Orchard. Cosmos bipinnatus, Zinnia elegans and Verbena bonariensis provide an abundance of colorful blooms. Towers of Lathyrus odoratus (sweet peas) and mounds of Lavandula (lavender) fill the garden with a delightful fragrance. The fruit trees are a pleasant reminder of the past. The objective is to have a riot of color within slightly unruly borders, with colorful annuals and perennials tumbling together creating a cottage garden look. This allows the picking of no-fuss bouquets. Because the majority of flowers are annuals, continuous cutting keeps them blooming until fall frosts.

A team of dedicated volunteers maintain this garden. They also create colorful bouquets which can be purchased at the front desk throughout the summer, with proceeds going right back into the garden. Bring the beauty of the gardens into your home!

This information is available as a handout from the front desk (or click here to download).