Garden of the Month September 2021 Blog Header HCP Kids Garden

Garden of the Month: September 2021

The Garden of the Month for September 2021 is the HCP Kids Garden!

This is where we create and provide hands-on educational experiences that connect children, youth and their families to plants, nature and each other. The foundation was set in the late 1990s with the guidance and vision of local teachers, volunteers, Master Gardeners, HCP staff and other community members. It’s been further developed to create a wide range of land-based learning opportunities for participants of from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, their families and schools. In 2014, this garden space was developed to engage all aspects of the participants’ interactive educational experience. Grounded in the goodness that comes from planting your hands on the earth, the HCP Kids Garden provides the space to support students as they build an appreciation for nature, nutrition, community, land stewardship and the environment. Through our wide range of school programs, tours, interest workshops, events, camps and celebrations, we grow together and develop skills, knowledge and behaviours to nourish our bodies and minds. We continue to learn from Master Gardeners, horticulture teachers, students, Indigenous leaders and other local land-based educators. The HCP Kids Garden is part of our Outdoor Education Centre that includes woodland trails, a nature circle, natural spaces to explore as well as indoor and outdoor classrooms. We continue to benefit from and use the many demonstration gardens and pathways through The Gardens at HCP and the adjacent Viaduct Flats and surrounding trails. This is where we learn, plant and GROW good gardeners!

This information is available as a handout from the front desk (or click here to download).