To say that the 2020 wedding season is looking different than expected would be an understatement. Aside from the obvious lifestyle changes we’re all experiencing right now, the most dramatic for me has been having a weekend off!

Weddings and special events are a major revenue stream for The Gardens at HCP, and with most events rescheduling for 2021 or cancelling entirely, it’s been a relief and a blessing to welcome couples who still want an intimate, elopement-style ceremony nestled in the gardens this spring.
Following the advice of the BC CDC, couples are welcome to share their vows with a marriage commissioner (or officiant, or celebrant, or clergy member) and two witnesses. For some couples, selecting just two witnesses from their friends and family is an impossible task, so they ask their photographer and I to step in instead! This is my eighth year in the wedding industry, and as someone who’s used to hiding in the background during the ceremony or running off to do finishing touches for the reception, it’s been a mind-blowing honour to stick around and truly witness their commitment — from two metres away, of course. What better time to take the promise of “in sickness and in health” to heart?
If you or someone you know has had to cancel or postpone their wedding celebration but still wants to get married this summer, please give them my email ([email protected]) so we can discuss how beautiful a tiny garden ceremony can be. Remember: Love Isn’t Cancelled!


By: Megan Stacey
Group Sales Manager / Event Coordinator
Photo By: Jesse Holland Photography