Takata Japanese Garden / Zen Garden

Named for the Takata family who owned and operated a Japanese garden in Esquimalt from 1907-1942. When they were forced to leave Victoria they gave many plants to their Gorge neighbours including 2 Japanese maple now over 100 years old that were transplanted here in 2008 as a gift from one of those neighbours on the Gorge.

This garden was designed to recreate the unique components of traditional Japanese “stroll gardens” with the focus on understatement and simplicity.

Design features include:

  • Moon viewing bridge made in a traditional, minimalist Japanese style is a popular spot for wedding photos due to the many weddings held on the property.
  • A Zigzag bridge known as a Yatsuhashi bridge. It is believed that if chased by evil spirits, anyone crossing the bridge will be protected as the spirits can only go in a straight line and cannot follow around the corners of the bridge.
  • An authentic Ceremonial Teahouse overlooks the lower pond.
  • Fences and gates made from bamboo-like grasses called Miscanthus gigantus harvested from an enormous planting that separates the Zen garden from the upper Takata.

Can you find the subtle turtle in the Zen garden?