Nature Education Programs


Welcome to children and youth programs at HCP! Our aim is to create and provide community-based nature and gardening experiences and education for children and youth in our community. Through these outdoor educational programs, we believe that we can promote individual, community and environmental health. During all of our programs, we will use the gardens and surrounding forests as our classroom and as an educational tool to cultivate joy, wonder and meaningful connections to plants and the natural world.

Join us at the gardens for our virtual classroom program, school tours, programs and workshops (on-site and blended options). Together we will explore a variety of plant-based topics through presentation facilitation, take-home activities for ongoing learning and class follow up. 

Currently booking for May and June 2021.


Virtual Classroom Program

The Virtual Classroom is a classroom presentation and kit. The classroom presentation includes lesson plans, all the materials to offer a hands on classroom gardening activities and HCP facilitation (currently virtual). Designed for teachers and their classes, the virtual classroom program will engage students in an enriched plant-centric experience in their own classroom and support their teachers along the way. To book a Virtual Classroom Program for your class or to learn more information, contact the Youth Programs & Education Coordinator at [email protected]


Life Cycle of Plants 

  • Facilitator led walk & talk to demonstrate the life cycle of a plant
  • Activity with take home for ongoing learning and class follow up


  • Self guided tour of the Ethnobotany Trail
  • Indigenous plant uses walk & talk in the Native Plants Garden
  • Plant Knowledge Activity

Introduction to Plant ID 

  • Facilitator led Introduction to Plant ID walk & talk
  • Activity with take home

Food Production at School or Home

  • Facilitator led tour of food production areas
  • Hands on session to make a garden


Planning a school or home garden

  • Consultation with staff and/or students
  • Planning session
  • Support the program development
  • Provide teaching lessons

Individualized program delivery

  • Developed for your class needs
  • Consultation with staff and/or students
  • Planning session
  • Support the program development
  • Provide teaching lessons


Growing a Salad Garden

  • Provide a how to session with materials
  • Include further support/guidance and maintenance schedule
  • Optional follow up
  • Take home container garden

Seed Starting, Planting and Propagation

  • Includes take home container, activity or sample
  • Introduction to seed starting techniques
  • Choosing the best transplants
  • Basics of plant propagation
  • Take home container with samples

Introduction to Herbs

  • Plant ID using 5 herbs
  • How to harvest and store
  • Crafting with herbs for self care
  • Take home samples



To book a tour, school program or workshop for your group, contact our School and Youth Programs Coordinator at y[email protected]