Pacific Horticulture College

35 Years of Excellence in Horticulture Education

The Pacific Horticulture College has been training professional gardeners since 1987. Pacific Horticulture College is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training (PTIB) and holds a designated certificate. Pacific Horticulture College is recognized by SkilledTradesBC of British Columbia as a designated training provider.

Pacific Horticulture College Mission Statement

The PHC is committed to providing excellence in horticulture training under the umbrella of the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific. The College will enable its students to develop skills to maximize employment opportunities and to encourage sustainable, environmentally responsible stewardship of gardens and green space.

To provide a high quality student program that integrates theoretical studies with the practical training required to start a career in landscape related industries. Graduates will be able to:

  • Work successfully in the landscape maintenance field as self-employed gardeners
  • Attain employment in nurseries, public gardens, municipal parks and horticulture supply companies

The PHC provides excellence in horticulture training in partnership with the Gardens at HCP. Together there is a strong focus on maintenance gardening and practical skills development. Students receive a variety of hands-on practical experience for that prepares them for a successful career in horticulture.

  • The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific, which is a 42-hectare site that includes 30 demonstration gardens and a Conservation Park, is ideal for practical skills development and plant identification. The gardens are the classroom!
  • The support, mentorship and resources of the local horticulture community.
  • A wide range of highly qualified instructors who teach in their areas of expertise.
  • Small classes in an institution that revolves around horticulture.

Pacific Horticulture College is committed to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for everyone. For additional information please review the following:

Students at the PHC come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. For some it is the first time in post-secondary education; many have a degree in a different field and are looking for a career change. The students all share a passion for plants and the outdoors, and a strong desire for hands-on work. PHC graduates are in demand throughout the horticulture industry and go on to establish successful horticulture businesses in maintenance, landscape design or work for municipal parks departments, nurseries, farms, landscaping companies, public and private gardens and much more.

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Landscape Horticulture Certificate Program

Level 1 Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship Program

Level 2 Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship Program

Level 3 Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship Program

Level 4 Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship Program

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Pacific Horticulture College is committed to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for everyone. For additional information, please refer to Learning Environment

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