Fall Plant Sale 2018

t’s not quite time to put away those gardening gloves and tools, fall is the perfect time for planting! For one day only we will be offering lots of unusual plants that have been propagated from the HCP gardens and best of all, all plants will be reduced by 25%, and the Hardy Fuchsia and Lilies will be 2 for 1. For a full list of all plants available click the availability list can be found here.
As always, admission to the gardens is free during plant sales. It is worth attending, not just for the bargains, but also for access to the garden knowledge you get from chatting with our volunteers, staff and students.
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus:
From China comes this spreading evergreen shrub that can reach 8 – 10 ft in height but which can be easily pruned to suit one’s needs. Relatively slow-growing, it has unusual smokey grey-green foliage, with pale undersides, carried on strong arching stems, making it ideal for a hedge or other barrier. In spring it is well-covered with white flowers and in late summer these are followed by vivid orange-red berries. An attractive lesser-known Cotoneaster.
Distylium myricoides:     Blue Isu Tree
An evergreen species in the Hamamelis family, this little known shrub will display small red flowers in the leaf axils in late winter/early spring, characteristic of all the Witch Hazels. The branches spread laterally to create a sculpted layered effect, carrying long blue-green leaves that add to its beautiful architectural form. Growing to 4 or 5 feet it will do well in sun or part shade and provides year-round interest. A great structural plant around which to design a bed.
Gaultheria mucronata variegata:     Evergreen Prickly Heath
This showy plant comes from South America. Its wiry pink stems carry small shiny evergreen leaves edged with white. In early to mid-summer it produces clusters of nodding urn-shaped white flowers, similar to those of heathers, the family to which this plant belongs. From late summer onwards gorgeous bead-like berries form in colours from white to wine red and they can be expected to last all the way through to spring. This is a plant for all seasons and offers a special beauty to your garden through the winter.
Olearia paniculata:
Commonly called Akiraho, this small tree from New Zealand is ideal for our situation here in Victoria. Evergreen, hardy and fast-growing, it likes a coastal situation and thrives in dry exposed sites. The foliage is most attractive, wavy-edged and pale green and the flowers are a wonderful summer bonus, vanilla-scented, creamy white and very attractive to both birds and bees. Growing to 10 ft or so this will be a marvellous addition to any garden.
Vernonia gigantea:     Tall Ironweed
This is a tall perennial that will add a beautiful purple accent to your garden in the fall. This plant is surprisingly little-known given how easy it is to grow and how reliably it comes back year after year. Growing up to seven feet tall it is an ideal backdrop to your flower beds, doing well in sunny or partly-shaded situations, even thriving in damper spots. Take this opportunity to see it flowering in the Hardy Borders Garden and buy one to take home.
Viburnum tinus:
This Mediterranean shrub offers so much, either in hedging or as a stand-alone feature plant. Easy to grow, this compact evergreen will do as well in shady and moist areas as in full sun. Fragrant flowers in white and pink are produced right through winter and spring followed by small dark blue fruit in early summer. It is hard to think of a more reliably productive year-round plant.
The Fall Plant Sale will be September 22nd from 9 am – 4 pm.