Donate To Keep The Flowers Blooming

Why does HCP need your support?

As a charity, HCP relies on philanthropic contributions every year, in addition to our memberships and other revenue streams, to support our gardens and educational activities. Even though much of the creation and maintenance of the gardens has been carried out by teams of hardworking and cherished volunteers, there is still the large financial commitment of caring for 9 acres of gardens.

Your donations will provide essential support to some of our Areas of Greatest Need.

Support Keep the Flowers Blooming Fund - which will allow HCP the flexibility to spend funds where most needed. Click button to donate.


Support for Deer Fencing

Help protect our gardens with the most effective and permanent deer-deterrent fencing.


Support the Children's Adventure Trail

Provide children the opportunity to explore self-guided trails and the interrelationships of living and non-living elements in our environment


Support our Irrigation Upgrade

Upgrade our irrigation system to use water efficiently while maintaining a thriving garden for years to come


Your donation is gratefully accepted by:

  • Clicking the respective donate buttons above
  • Phoning us with your VISA or MasterCard number during office hours at 250-479-6162
  • Visiting us at the Office at 505 Quayle Road
  • Choosing from one of our fundraising programs.
  • Printing the DONATION FORM (<--click to download) and mail or fax it in with a cheque or your charge card number

Thank you for your kind and generous support. HCP is a registered charity and your donations of $25 or more, are tax deductible and eligible for a tax receipt.