We wanted to introduce you to our Manager of Mice and Night Watchman, Albert. Albert came to us in 2015, from a staff member's home. As a Maine Coone cross we are anxious to see how big he will grow. He started off a little bit shy but bit by bit we coaxed him out. Before long he was a part of our HCP family. HCP cats are a long tradition – no doubt some of the readers will remember Sam and Sophie who used to reside here.

Today Albert spends his days sleeping in staff offices, following behind the Pacific Horticulture College students during their Plant ID walks, and ‘helping' the front desk volunteers with their paperwork. He has been known to crash weddings, distract children's birthday parties, and join picnickers (even bringing his own snack). He and Charlotte (of Charlotte and the Quail fame) are best buddies, she is often seen lurking around the HCP offices seeing if Albert will come out and play. Next time you see him lounging in the sun make sure you give him a good belly scratch.