About Us

Welcome To Horticulture Centre of the Pacific

The Gardens at Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (HCP), home to the Pacific Horticulture College, presents a year-round garden experience that all can enjoy.

Located just twelve kilometers north of Downtown Victoria, British Columbia, you will find a public garden lovingly cared for by volunteers, staff, and students. From our hands-on Children's Garden to the largest outdoor Bonsai Garden in Canada, and the only outdoor bonsai Garden in Western Canada, you will find something to inspire at every visit.

We started to grow in 1979 and are proud to be a "gardeners garden", connecting people with plants.

Being non-profit we are able to exist and be successful through the kindness of others, not just through financial donations but in hands-on volunteer work throughout our garden.

Come for an afternoon stroll. Meet knowledgeable staff and volunteers who are always happy to be of assistance. Step into tranquility and out of the urban rush of your day.


The HCP is recognized in our community as a welcoming place that inspires a love of gardens and nature, shares horticultural knowledge and experiences with everyone, produces certified horticultural professionals, and demonstrates environmental stewardship for future generations.

Our Mission

To bring a diversity of people together to learn, enjoy, and participate in the rewards of horticulture and environmental stewardship. We will do this by connecting people with plants, nature, and sustainable gardening practices, and by demonstrating responsible stewardship through our garden management practices and habitat restoration activities.

2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan

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