3 Wild Plants you can Eat in Victoria During Spring

By Racheal Schnarr

Nature's awakening brings a bounty of edible wild plants to Victoria. Here are some of my favorites edible wild plants to forage and grow during spring, and how I enjoy preparing them:

1.Claytonia perfoliata - More commonly known as Miner's Lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata has a mild earthy flavour and crunchy texture, similar to spinach. It makes a wonderful salad or sandwich green!

2.Urtica dioica- Did you know that Stinging Nettle is edible? Proper preparation is key, so be sure to thoroughly blanche or steam the greens, which taste like an earthier spinach with a hint of iron. Enjoy as a side, soup, pesto, and so much more. 

3.Acer macrophyllum (blossoms)- The blossoms on Big Leaf Maple trees are edible and tasty in both raw and cooked form. The flavor is nutty and broccoli-like with a hint of sweetness. I like to eat them raw in salads or lightly fried in butter, though they can be battered and fried for a more indulgent treat! 

If you're interested in learning more about edible and medicinal plants, join Racheal Schnarr R.H.N for the “Home Herbalist Spring Workshop on March 17th.

DISCLAIMER: When identifying edible plants, always use a guidebook, ensure to cross reference using multiple reliable sources and double-check for positive identification. Never eat any wild plant unless you are 100% sure that you have identified an edible species. Do not eat any wild edible plants until you have verified with your health professional that they are safe for you.