The Benefits of Using Wool Pellets in your Garden

by Linda Petite

 I have read many articles in the past outlining the benefits of waste wool in the garden.

One of the many advantages of wool is that it is biodegradable, adding organic matter back into the soil as it breaks down.

Helen Chesnut mentioned this in her TC column in January and that got me thinking about how we could use wool here in the HCP garden.

This led me to contact Lorraine at Parry Bay sheep farm to see if she would donate some of her excess wool and she did!

I plan to do a trial bed in the lower veggie garden this summer, so come take a look when you are visiting us.

Vancouver Island Wool Pelletsis a family run business up island and we are pleased to announce that we are selling their bags of wool pellets (500 g and 1kg) in our gift shop.

The wool pellets are the perfect solution to giving waste wool a purpose that benefits plants and our environment.

How it works:

  • slow- release organic fertilizer(9-0-2),high Nitrogen content, along with calcium, magnesium, iron and other micronutrients
  • acts as a mulch holding 20- 30 times its weight in water and then releases it slowly
  • pellets add aeration to your soil and porosity for roots
  • deter slugs and snails-wool fibres have microscopic barbs acting as a physical barrier

I look forward to experimenting with wool in the garden. I am very curious to see how it goes, let me know your results as well - [email protected]