Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (HCP)

Come walk with me.

Our gardens are home to many, many people, plants, insects, birds and animals. It’s a place of tranquility, excitement, and calmness.


Come walk with me.

Down the pathway we go, be careful as you walk by the Fuchsia garden, the humming birds are busy suckling. Did you know, they can even fly upside down. See if you can spot one taking a rest on a branch.


Come walk with me.

Many people are in the garden, it is volunteer morning! Volunteers busy grooming the gardens, learning, socialize and best of all enjoying…you can feel the synergy? Take the time to listen to their stories.


Come walk with me.

Wow we have entered totally different world, it must be the Japanese garden, and benches to sit reflect and revitalize. My favorite is the one with the small cover over looking the water. Can you find it?


Come talk to me, find out about our events, workshops, college, rental facilities…come in and enjoy.



Book the Couvelier Pavilion!



Book the Couvelier Pavilion soon for a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event.

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