Year-Round Harvest for the Urban Gardener

with Linda Gilkeson

Registration for 2019 opens July 7 2018.

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HCP Members: 10 sessions $565.00
Non-HCP Members: $720.00
(Including textbook & hand-outs, free parking)
Sundays 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm starting January 2019Gilkeson 2

The mild winters of Coastal British Columbia make it possible to grow and harvest vegetables all year around.

The benefits of growing your own food are many: the knowledge that sound and sustainable gardening practices were followed; summer gardens are economical and winter gardens even more so and learning how to provide protection from deeper cold will expand the range of what can be grown; the variety of vegetables and fruit available to the urban gardener is enormous; flavour and quality that would never be found in a supermarket; the sense of accomplishment that comes from self-sufficiency.  No matter how large or how small your garden is, you will learn how to make the most of it.

In 10 sessions, Linda Gilkeson will cover from seeds to harvest for large and small urban gardens.early-summer-garden-cover

Curriculum 2019:

All Sundays 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm

# 1 January 20: Garden Plans and Seed Starting
Garden location, sun and water requirements; bed design.
Planning the garden for year-around harvest; crop rotation.
Starting seeds, timing spring planting

#2: February 24: Soil, Nutrients and Amendments
Soil types, liming and soil testing,
Organic amendments, making compost.
Cultivation methods

#3: March 17: The Spring Garden
Transplanting, hardening off, cold protection.
How to grow cabbage and onion family crops, lettuce and greens, carrots and other roots.

veg garden 1#4: April 14: Containers, Small Gardens, Greenhouses
Growing food in containers (including citrus & sweet potatoes), greenhouses and tunnels
Intensive planting methods that produce the most in the smallest space.

#5: May 5: The Summer Garden
Summer pruning & fruit thinning. Summer seeding methods; trellising, mulching, watering.
How to grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, corn, beans, squash, cucumbers.

#6 June 16: Insects, Weeds & Diseases
Preventing pest and disease problems; identifying common problems.
Natural control methods and easy weed management.
How to attract beneficial insects.

#7 July 14: Planting for Winter & Basic Seed Saving
When to plant for successful winter crops.
Fitting crops into the summer garden.
Pollination basics; easy seed saving methods for common crops.

#8: August 11: Preserving the Harvest
Curing and storing onions, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes.
Storing tree fruit.
Growing resilient gardens in a changing climate, preventing crop disorders.

#9: September 15: Fruit Trees and Bushes
Choosing, planting and growing fruit trees, grapes, kiwi, berries.
Basic pruning methods for winter.

#10 October 6: Preparing for Winter and Review
Cloches, coldframes and winter covers; mulching & staking.
Managing greenhouse & containers in winter.
Review of the 12-month garden.


Testimonials from Past Students:

“Excellent course – loved it. Enjoyed every class – Linda has a great sense of humour, entertaining & oodles of knowledge & great tips.”

“Good pace & thorough, humour tinged.”

Loved the recipes that came with every class!”

“This was the best course I have ever taken.”

“Linda is very clear, concise and prepared. Her references and email reminders are a very useful add-on to the curriculum. I really appreciate her many methods to the same ends, and economic, home made solutions to common garden issues. She is a great teacher and very encouraging.”

“Dr. Gilkeson is a fantastic instructor, very personable, extremely knowledgeable and brilliant at imparting her wisdom to the class. We laughed at every class & I am so enthusiastic about gardening following every class!”

“An excellent & informative course- as well as entertaining.”

“A really great course- material appropriate to season as this is a spaced out monthly. This is a great way to learn as there is a chance to put theory into practice & come back with questions. Linda has plenty of practical experience & high quality expert knowledge – she is down to earth, no fuss practical.”

“So, so good! Great teaching style. Awesome.”

“Growing fruits and vegetables used to be a hit or miss endeavor for me, until I attended Linda Gilkeson’s 10 month class Year Around Harvest at Glendale Gardens.   Linda is without question, the best teacher I have ever had, anywhere; her depth of knowledge is equaled only by her wicked sense of humour that kept each of the four-hour classes entertaining.  She is so well informed, from her personal experience in growing her own food for many years, that all questions, from all levels of gardeners, were answered with depth and clarity.  It was refreshing to learn from an instructor who truly has experienced all the pitfalls with pests and weather conditions, yet knows how to rise above the challenges and share her wisdom.  Thanks to Linda’s guidance, I had bountiful crops of a wide variety of produce all summer, and now in December I have winter crops of many nutritious vegetables that I only dreamed of growing before.  I think every student in the class agreed with me in saying that we wished the class continued for another year; we wanted more of Linda, and will take any classes she offers.”