The Master Gardener Program

This course is a prerequisite for joining the Victoria Master Gardener Association. It is also a great program for the home gardener or hobbyist to learn current, reliable home gardening basics.

Lifelong learning is at the heart of the Victoria Master Gardener Association, where it is accepted that no one can possibly know it all and that there is no shame in saying “I don't know but I know who to ask”. Amazing gardeners here at the HCP say it all the time. The thing is you have to start somewhere and the Master Gardener Program is the place. You will learn current, reliable home gardening basics – the framework to pin everything else to. You will also learn how to look it up, who to ask, and how to share that knowledge of sound, environmentally responsible gardening practices with the community.

The course is taught at the HCP by a Pacific Horticulture College instructors and Master Gardeners and consists of 26 x 3-hour sessions that combine classroom and online instruction, home study, hands-on practice, assignments and in-class projects. Guest lecturers add their knowledge, contributing immeasurably to the experience. Homework consists of 7 assignments taking an average of 6 – 10 hours each to complete.

Program Delivery

This program has a blended delivery and is partly in person in the HCP classroom and partly online via Zoom. There will also be some practical components in the gardens and field trips.
With this in mind participants will need to be comfortable with using Zoom and have a computer and Wifi that meets the requirements.
Note that each instructor will have their own style of teaching and sharing resources. Please check with them if you have any questions.

Important: Please supply an accurate email address when you sign up as all registration communications will be via email.

Registration Dates open in the Fall

Sample dates from last year.

The 2025 Program Registration dates are to be announced. Please sign up for the MG Interest List to hear about the dates first.

September 12, 2023- Registration for those on the interest list

September 19, 2023 - Registration opens for the general public

2024 Program Pricing

Registration Fee: 75 (due on registration and non refundable for cancellations after November 22)
Fees: $795.00 (includes registration fees, books and handouts)

Note: Payment deadline for fees – December 1, 2023.
Program fees are fully refundable for cancellations up until December 15, 2023
Cancellations after the start of the course are not refundable.

Sample Class Schedule for 2024

January 28 – May 12, 2024
Thursdays – 6pm – 9pm and Sundays 9am – 12pm
Online and in-person.

Download the tentative schedule for 2024 below:


Becoming a Master Gardener

Once you complete the course, you have the option to go on and become a Master Gardener. Note that this is optional and not a requirement when you complete the course.

What is a Master Gardener and what do they do?
Master Gardeners combine a passion for gardening and the dedication to share their knowledge with the community. As part of an international, non-profit organization, all Master Gardeners are volunteers and offer their knowledge in many venues. To become a Master Gardener, you first qualify to be a Master Gardener in Training (MGIT) and then become qualified as a Master Gardener, following a period of further education and volunteering.

Qualification as a Master Gardener in Training (MGIT)

  • Attendance (80% of classes)
  • Assignments (complete a minimum of 80%)
  • Final open book exam (minimum grade of 80%)

Qualifications to become a certified Master Gardener
Volunteer hours are the cornerstone of certification. In the first 24 months after completing the basic training course, MGITs complete a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer hours in such activities as gardening events, seminars, fairs, plant sales, nursery clinics, workshops, demonstrations, community projects, research and writing and fundraising events. Once certification has been obtained, the number of clinic hours /year is reduced. In addition to volunteer hours, members attend regular meetings and commit to on-going education.

Visit the Victoria Master Gardener Association website for more information –

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