Tribute Benches 

A bench nestled quaintly in the Gardens at HCP is a lovely way to reflect upon fond memories and honour loved ones.

The cost of placing a tribute bench in the Gardens at HCP is $5,000.00.
While all efforts will be made to place the bench in a spot preferred by the family, the final choice of location will be made by the Head Gardener.  There is a limited number of benches allowed in the 9 acres of display gardens.

A tribute plaque will be provided with the bench and wording of recognition confirmed by the family.
The Gardens are responsible for the installation of the plaque.

The HCP will purchase, install and maintain the bench, as well as maintain both the bench and the location for a period of 15 years.  At the end of that time,  all attempts will be made to contact the family to determine interest in renewing the placement.
If the renewal is declined, the plaque will be returned to the family. If no contact can be made, the plaque will be removed and kept in the event  family wishes it re-established at a later date.  The same bench can not be held in this case.

A tax receipt will be issued for $4, 275.00, representing the cost less materials and installation

If you are interested in a tribute bench honouring a loved one, please contact us using the form below.



“Leafing” a Legacy

Add a leaf to our giving tree located in the Couvelier Pavilion. This is a unique way to leave your name, the name of a loved one, or a corporate name at the HCP.  Your leaf will be placed on the tree where it is viewed by thousands of people yearly, and will always remain at the HCP.

For a cost of $1,500, an inscribed golden leaf could be placed on our “giving tree.” (A donation tax receipt would be provided.)

By purchasing a leaf you would be contributing to:

  • Development of new gardens and proposed entrance way
  • Ongoing plantings throughout the gardens
  • Operation and maintenance of Administration Buildings
  • Future building endeavours


To receive a charitable tax receipt for material or product you must have proof of value. Note we cannot issue charitable tax receipts for gifts of service, however, we would be pleased to recognize such gifts on our website. Please note that once you have made the gift it is the property of the HCP.

Thrifty Foods Smile Cards

Thrifty CardsThank you for participating in the Smile Card program. Here’s how it works: By shopping at Thrifty Foods, you can support the current campaign.

Phone the HCP office at 250.479.6162 and ask for a Thrifty Foods Fundraising Smile Card, or send an e-mail using the form above.

Take the Smile Card with you to Thrifty Foods when you go grocery shopping. Ask the cashier to load any amount you wish onto the card before paying for your grocery order. Pay for the card load with cash, debit card or credit card.*

Pay for your grocery order with the Smile Card. It’s that simple!

*Thrifty Foods will donate 5% of the amount loaded on your Smile Card to HCP once per month. We will update you on the progress in every newsletter. There is absolutely no cost to you. When the card is running low, load it again to continue to support the Campaign every time you shop!

Should you queries, or require further information, please contact us via the form below: