News from the Gardens

Ornamental Grass Garden

Color and size, texture and growth habit add a graceful structural element to this garden. Planted as background, accent plants, screens or edging, grasses add movement and sound to the […]

Native Plant Garden

A natural setting designed so that plants, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, can be seen growing in an actively cultivated area as well as in a natural setting. Only 20 native […]

Mixed Borders Garden

Today’s major design trend is a mixed border garden, because it can provide year round interest in smaller home gardens using a combination of plants that: horticulturally belong together, look […]

Mediterranean Garden

Features plants found in the different regions of the world where Mediterranean gardens flourish: South Africa, California, the Mediterranean Basin, Central Chile, South Africa, and South Western Australia. Victoria has a […]

Lily Garden

This garden is devoted primarily to the genus Lilium and demonstrates different varieties of asiatic hybrids, trumpet hybrids, and oriental lilies, in a wide range of sizes and colours. It […]

Heather Garden

A demonstration of Heathers and companion plants that grow on a windy, sunny slope. “Heather Drifts”, which simulate vast moorland covered with heathers. A “river” of summer-flowering varieties flows down through […]

Drought Tolerant Garden

The changing climate has necessitated a need to alter our watering practices. Exposed to full sunlight, all plants are chosen to provide long seasons of interest & light watering requirements (once […]

Doris Page Winter Garden

Dedicated to horticulturist Doris Page, who was credited with bringing Hellebores to Vancouver Island and for showing that Victoria is one of the few places in Canada where you can […]

The Children’s Garden

This garden offers a mixture of experiences with features to touch, smell and explore. With vegetable beds changing with the seasons, children can help weed, sample lettuce, broccoli, and peas, and […]

Bonsai Garden

Created in 2014, with over 60 bonsai trees on display. Bonsai is a Japanese phrase meaning “plant in a tray. It includes many styles of miniaturized tree arrangements and containers that […]

Ann’s Garden

Created as a cottage-style garden in memory of Barbara Ann Jardine (1923-1991), a long time volunteer at the HCP. A mixture of old-fashioned flowering shrubs and perennials, spring bulbs, self-seeding […]

Adopt-A-Tree Program

Adopt-A-Tree Program Cost: $2,000 Tax receipts will be issued to each donor. A plaque inscribed with the botanical and common names of the tree and the dedication will be placed […]