Family Learning

Join us for the Garden Club Fall Session!

These programs aresuited to school age children to attend independently or with a family member and for pre-k learners with a family member for support.

Have you thought about growing your own food crops, but are overwhelmed? Let’s work together in the HCP Kids Teaching Garden and transform an area into a garden plot. Learn about soils, productive garden planning, maximizing yields, managing pests, seeds and starts as well as seed saving. Join us along with your family for this 3 part workshop to build skills and understanding to make your own food production possible. This workshop series is also a great way to improve your garden experience. Bring along your own garden gloves and garden team!

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Do you know a child or youth who loves the outdoors and thrives in the garden? Our HCP Kids Garden provides many opportunities for land-based engagement activities, including seed starting and propagation, planting, garden maintenance, pollinator habitats, and so much more. Each weekly class will have us in this amazing teaching garden where we grow our own food crops. Hope you can join us with your pre-k learner or drop-off (or join) your school age child. There are lots of takeaways, including seeds, transplants and more! Please pack your child’s own garden gloves if you have some and bring along a water bottle (and snack if needed:)

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