The Ending of an Era & the Turning of a Page

After 22 years as the HCP Librarian, our wonderful Isabelle Jones is stepping down and beginning a new chapter. Apparently, the coronavirus has opened a can of worms with “To Do” lists! She will be hugely missed as our librarian, HCP historian and a second set of editor eyes on the ENews.
Isabelle began here as librarian at the beginning of 1998. The library has had a “moving” history here at HCP. It started in the main building, was then moved into the Kempster Building – now the home of Charlotte & the Quail – before the final move into its current home, the Cottage. No easy feat when you think of the 2500 books to move!
Isabelle leaves the Library in great hands. Carolyn Andrew has been studying library science and is nearly finished her courses, and of course, thanks to Isabelle, Carolyn has had the best teacher.
Please join me in welcoming Carolyn and take a moment to stop by the Library to say hello.
And Isabelle, we trust you know the extent of the legacy of learning that you have bestowed on the HCP after all these years and hope that you will please visit us often!
We wish you all the best!
On behalf of: Deborah, Linda, Cheri, Megan, Laura, Jessica, Giles, Paula, Nikki, Emily, the HCP Board of Directors, Volunteers, and our Members, THANK-YOU ISABELLE!