Thank You to Bob Clarke

Bob Clarke one of our longest standing volunteers retired from his position as Lead Steward in the Takata Garden on February 28. Bob celebrated his retirement with staff and volunteers who were involved with the project from the very beginning.
Bob had a vision for a Japanese garden in Victoria. Bob set work, forming a volunteer group and raising the necessary funds to turn his dream into reality. The Takata Garden was originally intended to be installed in the Gorge park, but the group was unable to obtain permission and requested a space at the HCP. They got an instant “yes” and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to Bob’s vision, dedication and excellent fundraising skills we have this fantastic Japanese garden for everyone to enjoy. Of course, old habits die hard and Bob has been spotted in the Gardens pruning and making sure his labour of love continues.
If you have noticed that the signage in the Gardens is looking a little spiffier it is because Bob has applied his artistic talents to upgrading and painting our handmade signs in the Garden. We are so grateful to our dedicated volunteers. Their personal touches and thoughtfulness so often go unnoticed, especially by the public. What makes the Gardens at HCP so special is the love that is shared through the hard work of people who care.