If you want to start a career in horticulture but are unable to study full-time, PHC also offers part-time Level 1 and 2 apprenticeship training programs. In addition to gaining valuable knowledge and skills, these programs will prepare you to write the ITA provincial exams and work towards completing your full apprenticeship. After successful completion of Levels 1 and 2, you may choose to take Levels 3 and 4 if you wish to pursue the full apprenticeship and inter-provincial Red Seal qualification.

Levels 1 and 2 are each offered over four to five months on a part-time basis (normally two evenings per week and some Saturdays). Each program includes both classroom and practical components. Tuition for each level is $1,500* (including program resource binder), plus a $20 non-refundable application fee. You must provide your own personal protective equipment (boots, gloves, goggles, earplugs, and rain gear) and purchase required textbooks (approximately $100).

(*Fees are subject to change. Please check with the PHC office for current fees.)

Admission Requirements:

  • Application Form (Please contact the college for the application form)
  • Current Resume
  • For Level 2 applicants only: Proof of successful completion of Level 1 technical training
  • $20 Application Fee (payment can be made via cash, debit, credit or e-transfer; non-refundable)

Please note: To apply for Level 1 or 2, you must be a sponsored apprentice in the trade with a current TWID number. HCP can sponsor a limited number of students for the duration of the program only – please contact us for more information.


Upcoming Level 1 and 2 Programs:

PART-TIME Level 1: 

*2021 Part Time Level 1 Program is closed for applications*

2021 Part Time Level 1 Program: January 25, 2021 to May 19, 2021

Program Details: Part time; Monday and Wednesday evenings (6-9 pm) plus Saturdays

Topics covered in the Level 1 program include Safety, Tools and Equipment, Botany, Soils, Plant ID, Grading and Drainage, Turf, Plant Health, Softscape Maintenance, and Communications.

Application Deadline: December 14, 2020

PART-TIME Level 2:

*2021 Part Time Level 2 Program scheduled for Fall 2021*

Program Details: Part-time; Monday and Wednesday evenings (6-9pm) plus Saturdays

Topics covered in the Level 2 program include Botany, Soils, Tools and Equipment, Plant Identification, Softscape Maintenance, Hardscaping, and Pruning.

Application Deadline: n/a


Comparison of the Full Time Foundation Certificate Program and the Part Time Level 1 and 2 Programs:

Foundation Certificate Program* Apprenticeship Level 1 and 2
Program Length: 10 months, full-time Program Length: 4-5 months per level, part-time (two evenings per week plus occasional Saturdays)
Number of Hours: 1,150 (500 hours credited towards apprenticeship) Number of Hours: 180 per level
Requires a sponsor: No Requires a sponsor: Yes
Courses: core Level 1 and 2 courses plus additional courses (e.g. Landscape Design, Sustainable Food Production, Irrigation) Courses: core Level 1 and 2 courses only
Cost: $5,940 plus application fee, textbooks, practical work gear Cost: $1,500 plus application fee, textbooks, practical work gear

* Please note the Foundation Certificate Program is not available part-time due to the nature of the program.


Completion Requirements:

  • Minimum 80% overall attendance in the program
  • Minimum 70% average grade in the program
  • Complete all assigned course work


Please email [email protected] or call 250-479-3210 if you have any questions or are interested in taking the Level 1 or 2 programs.