Hiring: Pacific Horticulture College Instructor, Part-Time, Contract

Position Title: Instructor – Part-time, Contract
Department: Pacific Horticulture College
Reports To: College Director
Start Date: Dependent on course scheduling
Hours: Varies; normally 3 to 6.5 hours of daytime, evening, or weekend instruction per week with courses ranging from one session to several weeks in duration
Rate of Pay: $45-$48 per hour of instructional time
Established in 1987, the Pacific Horticulture College (PHC) offers full-time and part-time training opportunities in all four levels of the Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship. The PHC is
designated by the Private Institutions Training Branch (PTIB) and is an Industry Training Authority (ITA) designated training provider. The mission of the PHC is to provide excellence in horticulture training, enabling students to maximize employment opportunities while encouraging environmental stewardship of green space.
Position Description
The PHC is expanding its pool of contract instructors with expertise in particular subject areas corresponding to the courses within the four apprenticeship levels. Relevant subject areas include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Soil science
– Pest management/plant health
– Irrigation and drainage
– Turfgrass management
– Landscape design
– Tools and equipment
– Small engine mechanics
– Landscape installation and maintenance
– Greenhouse techniques including propagation and grafting
More detailed information about the different subject areas may be found on the ITA website: http://www.itabc.ca/program/horticulturist-landscape
Instructors are hired on a per-course basis depending on their subject area of expertise. Once hired, instructors are responsible for teaching based on the provided ITA and PHC learning objectives and will assess students according to these objectives. Instructors are also responsible for course preparation and design of learning and assessment activities, communicating with students by email through the duration of the course, working with the PHC staff to ensure students adhere to college policies, grading student work and/or performance, and submitting final grades in a timely manner.
Required Skills
• Proficiency in subject area of expertise
• Able to explain difficult concepts to a diverse group of students
• Demonstrate patience and respect when working with students
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent organization and time management
• Demonstrate safe work practices
Required Experience
• Minimum three years of industry experience in subject area of instruction is required
• Minimum two years of experience in instructing groups is preferred
Required Education
• Degree, diploma, or certificate in subject area of instruction; Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal in Landscape Horticulture or equivalent is preferred
• Instructional Skills Workshop or other teaching course is preferred (this may also be obtained after hiring)
Application Information
Please submit a current resume that includes evidence of any teaching or training experience and industry experience to [email protected] by Friday June 25 at 4:30pm. Applicants are asked to clearly identify their subject area(s) of expertise as part of their application.