Herb Garden

This garden takes you on a delightful and educational journey. The garden contains five distinct sections, each laid out to provide the visitor with species information and planting interest. This garden incorporates design elements from monastery and cloister gardens of medieval Europe to pre-Christian household gardens. A dry stone wall at the south end is constructed to deflect cool winds (which can do more damage to plants then cool temperatures).

When you visit, touch the rosemary, thyme and lavender and be transported by their fragrances. In spite of the problem free characteristic of most herbs, this is not a low maintenance garden. The wide variety of plants require much in the way of customized care with respect to planting, propagating, thinning, pruning, watering, harvesting and preparing for use.

Learn what Native plants were traditionally used for food and discover the plants behind some traditional herbal medicines, aromatherapy, essential oils and plant-based dyes.