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Questions About Your Apprenticeship?

In early June 2018, the ITA sent out a letter to apprentices explaining the upcoming harmonization of the curriculum across Canada. This means that if you are partway through your training, you are strongly encouraged to “train out” and finish all 4 levels before the changes have all been phased in. Please send us an email ([email protected]) if you have questions about the changes and how best to complete your remaining apprenticeship training.


Alumni Profile - Emily Drolet

Chabot Landscape and Tree

Graduation Year: Landscape Horticulture Certificate Program 2016 (Level 1&2), 2018 (Level 3), 2019 (Level 4) 

Since completing the program: 

After completing the foundation program, I started working in the industry doing landscape maintenance full time. I also took on garden design and installation projects for family and friends. 

I continued on to achieve levels 3 & 4 of the Red Seal Program, and am currently working towards completion of my apprenticeship hours.  

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to return to PHC as a temporary assistant instructor. 

How did the program help you achieve your career goals? 

After enjoying years of working as a florist I decided it was time for a change. I wanted a career that provided more time outside and still involved working with flowers. Completing the program gave me the skills and confidence to make the change I was looking for. 

How did the program affect your approach to horticulture? 

The program gave me a basic knowledge of horticulture and the desire to continue my education at PHC. The more I learn, the more I want to know!  

What were your favorite aspects of the program?

I have very fond memories of plant walks during Plant Identification class, and of fieldtrips to gardens, orchards, and greenhouses around the city.  

Why would you recommend this program to others? 

The staff, students, and volunteers all contribute to making the gardens at HCP a magical place to be a part of. No matter your interests, there is something for everyone.