Garden of the Month: July 2021

The Garden of the Month for July 2021 is the upper Veggie Garden!

Welcome to the Upper Veggie Garden. Please come through our newly constructed gate into a space of new and old, give and take, try and see. For the past few years, we have been encouraging flowers throughout the Veggie Garden. This includes the volunteers, columbine, mallow, calendula, nasturtiums, forget-me-nots and a few others. Marigold, sweet peas and sunflowers are being planted amongst the vegetables and heavenly blue morning glory will be able to climb the new gate. Many of the flowers are edible and provide a colourful draw for our resident mason bees. The driftwood structure that was our old gate has retired into a corner as a back drop for sweet peas and the new arched gateway is a lovely and welcoming entry.

West Coast Seeds graciously provides us with new and interesting seeds to try along with tried-and-true garden staples. Interlaken green grapes have been climbing the lower fence for several years and perennial artichoke plants stand like guardians near the entrance. The majority of the raised beds are made of wood, showing their age and are slowly being replaced. A few new cinder block beds have been added and as time goes on others will be replaced. The garden is always in motion as crops annually move from location to location, partly to allow for soil enrichment and partly to search for ideal growing conditions. Seasonal vegetables come and go.

Have a rest, enjoy our garden and please remember to close the gate when you leave as we are not the only ones who enjoy fresh veggies!

This information is available as a handout from the front desk (or click here to download).