Gap Training Program

Pacific Horticulture College (PHC) is pleased to offer Gap Training to assist in transitioning Landscape Horticulturist apprentices into the harmonized ITA curriculum. As a result of phasing in the new harmonized curriculum, some apprentices are partway between the old and new levels as they completed Levels 1 and 2 under the old curriculum. These apprentices are not able to proceed directly into the harmonized Levels 3 and 4 because essential topics and skills would be missed. Instead of re-doing Levels 1 and 2 of technical training in the harmonized curriculum, this 3-week Gap Training program offers apprentices the opportunity to catch up on these essential topics and skills.
The next Gap Training program is scheduled from August 9-27, 2021. This is a full-time program, Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, and is offered in a blended delivery format. The first two weeks will be entirely online classes held using Zoom, while the third week is in person at PHC in Victoria. There is no final exam for this program, and once the apprentice successfully completes all assigned coursework and practical work, PHC will inform the ITA that Gap Training has been completed. This then allows the apprentice to register for harmonized Level 3 and harmonized Level 4 programs in the future so that they can complete the technical training component of their apprenticeship.
PHC plans to offer Gap Training on an annual basis as more apprentices transition to the harmonized curriculum. Please check our website regularly for updated information HERE or contact [email protected] to be added to an interest list for future Gap Training programs.
If you have specific questions about completing your apprenticeship, please contact ITA Customer Service at 1 866 660 6011 or email [email protected].