Looking Back at Arts & Music

The Gardens were alive and buzzing this past weekend with over 50 local artists and musicians showcasing their talent to the Gardens’ many visitors. With 1500 people touring through the variety of different displays as well as all the gardens, Arts and Music was a huge success!
After the event is over, one of the highlights for the staff is going through all the feedback and reviews submitted by the visitors, artists and musicians. So much hard work is put into this event throughout the year, and it’s extremely helpful for us to hear about our successes and opportunities for improvement. This year we’re happy to say that we had almost nothing but positive responses !
Here’s some of the comments we received:
“I always enjoy the garden atmosphere, Arts and Music is the perfect venue for meeting some of the Island’s most artistic and creative people!”
“The staff and volunteers were so friendly, welcoming, and helpful”
“This is our 5th year displaying our artwork and it seems to us that the Gardens are lusher and more beautiful than ever. It’s our favourite place to show our work!”
The different works of Art and Music were excellent. There was a wide variety of displays and the artists were happy to discuss how items were made. The music was different on each of the 3 stages and all performers were enthusiastic and energetic, which provided a wonderful backdrop to the whole event.”
           -Visitor (Trip Advisor)
If you enjoyed Arts and Music let us know! Submit your review to Trip Advisor, Facebook, or email us. We’d love to know what you thought of our event or even just the Gardens in general.
On a last note, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers who so generously donated their time and skills. Without their dedication and commitment, an event like this would not have been possible. 
By: Julie