A Garden for all Occasions

oladuboishcp2016-684We love that the Garden is used in so many ways. From future horticulturists learning their trade to weddings where couples begin their lives together here, there is always something going on.  When we talk to people in the community we find that the Gardens mean different things to many people – perhaps their child attended one of our Junior Master Gardener Camps at Spring Break or they brought their Mother here to take a Wreath Making class at Christmas time. We really do have a special place for everyone.
As a small not-for-profit, our staff certainly knows about multitasking – did you know there are only 5 full-time staff members here? Perhaps that’s why we love the variety of activities and new opportunities that present themselves from time to time.
Recently, we hosted a collaborative photoshoot. Local designer Dani Dubois of Ola Dubois needed a space to showcase her beautifully handcrafted dresses – together with Juliana of Spark and Whimsy and Sharon Rai Hair & Make-Up Artistry and Emma and Reece from Coultish Management we created a paradise in the evening summer sun. The Ola Dubois dresses are fantastic – very stylish and they are made from mainly reclaimed fabrics. These have already been manufactured and require no energy, transport or resources. When she can’t use reclaimed, she chooses bamboo or other eco-textiles. The photographer, oladuboishcp2016-437Juliana is known to work with her clients to understand the goals for their session, guide them in a way that puts them at ease in front of the camera, and showcase their natural beauty. Her goal is for her clients to come away from their portrait session looking and feeling amazing, and to deliver images that can become heirlooms.   Thank you to Charlotte & the Quail for sharing your goodies for some of the images too!
Do you have a memory set with the Gardens at HCP? Please share your thoughts or stories in the comments below.