A guest blog from Charlotte & the Quail, our wonderful on-site restaurant. Winter hours will be Wednesday – Friday 11 – 3 & Saturday – Sunday 9 – 3.
Our special little place is reemerging from a winter slumber and our team is excited to start creating in the kitchen once again!  Our pantry goods started budding last year with a few of our favourite menu staples available for you to purchase – 2017 is the year pantry shop will bloom.  We will share the progress with you as it takes shape!
With the chill still in the air, our organic chicken bone broth will be simmering on the stove regularly – using it as the base for some of our soups ($5.5 | bowl), serving it hot in mugs to sip on ($4.25 | 8oz mug), and packaging it in containers to for you to take home ($8 | 750ml).
Bone broth has gained immense popularity over the past few years – with research now confirming why so many of us find comfort in the yummy chicken soup.  High in vitamins & minerals, easily digestible proteins, and collagen – bone broth is packed with powerful healing properties.  We love having this as a staple in our kitchen and are so happy to be able to be offer a supply for use in your kitchen.
Want to know more about bone broth?  We really enjoy this blog: nourished kitchen.