Tips & Tricks for your Wedding

As a new employee at the HCP, nothing could have prepared me for the excitement that this summer would bring. Tasked with helping out with1B0A6409wmdg-1280x853
events, there’s something new and exciting to see and do every day.

One thing I particularly enjoyed this summer was helping out with weddings. The hustle and bustle each wedding brought was a highlight in my week. Whether it was an outdoor reception, or indoor banquet, whether the wedding colours were pink or blue, each wedding was truly unique. It was amazing to see how the gardens transformed into a couple’s vision, and even better yet was witnessing the memories in the making.

If you’re having or looking at having a wedding at the HCP, a couple ideas/tips you might want to consider include:
1.         You don’t need a ton of decor.
Both the Gardens and the Pavilion are naturally beautiful venues and look good with whatever wedding colours you choose. Oftentimes simple centerpieces are more than enough to personalize your wedding space, saving you money and time.        

  1.         Factor in all the spaces you’ll need.Weddings at the Gardens at HCP

While your ceremony and dinner are huge parts of your wedding, don’t forget about your cocktail hour, dancing, photos, bar, and DJ (if you’re having them). Consider how you’re going to use the grounds for different purposes – there should be a seamless flow from one portion to the next. For example, if you’re having live music, where’s the best spot for it to be heard throughout the gardens. Or do you want to move your tables for dancing or do you have a spot already designated for it?

  1. Plan for all types of weather.

While Victoria may be one of the nicest places to live weather wise, it’s often times unpredictable. Wind, rain, and high temperatures can change the mood of your wedding, and cause your guests discomfort. Tents are a good option for peace of mind and can easily be rented. If a tent isn’t necessarily in your budget, consider bringing umbrellas for guests to use instead.

  1.    We love details!

It’s the little things  that often get forgotten. How many chairs are going to be around each of your tables? Do you need to borrow ladders? Are you going to be leaving anything behind overnight? The more we know, the easier it is for us to help you.

  1.   Organize your set-up and clean-up committee

Knowing who’s bringing what, when, and who’s setting it up is something important to think about. So much unnecessary stress is often the result of a table number being lost or a centerpiece not arriving on time. On the other end of that, you don’t want to have to stay behind after your wedding to clean up. Make sure you have a plan!

  1.    Concentrate on you, the couple, instead of the wedding world.

Do what works for you! So far this summer we’ve had a stand-up reception, a pig roast, a tea ceremony, BBQ’s … you name it! There are no rules when it comes to what you want at your wedding. On that same note, none of your guests will notice that a centerpiece is a little lopsided or the chairs aren’t perfectly aligned.
They’re there because they want to celebrate the love that you and your partner share.

If the Gardens at HCP are your chosen wedding venue, we’re here to help make your day special. Weddings are a huge part of the HCP, and they help keep the Gardens running. Not only will you have a beautiful wedding venue, but you also help sustain the gardens for generations to come.
By: Julie
Feature photography thanks to:  The Grove Photographers & Tasha Cline Photography
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