By Isabelle Jones, HCP Librarian

The more we get to know about plants, the more interesting they can become. However, there are some people who are able to distinguish between plants by noting only that there is a difference between trees, roses and grass. . . and that’s about it!
It’s possible to elicit a spark of interest when it’s pointed out to them that certain trees, for instance, have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Or perhaps they are surprised to learn that some rhododendrons in our Victorian gardens actually originated in the Himalaya Mountains.

Probably it’s not wise at this stage to go into the amazing courage and perseverance of the people who discovered those plants. (An interest in plants – like the plants themselves – needs time in which to grow!) However, should these early plant learners ask a question, such as “Who would be so foolhardy as to go traipsing up distant mountains in search of flowers!?” we might suggest they check some books on the subject in the HCP library.

This could lead to their discovering that the name “wilsonii” noticed on some plant labels actually refers to a man by the name of Wilson, and he happens to have been one of those foolhardy people they were wondering about. We happen to have a book about his adventures.
Folks wishing to do some exploring in our library are likely to make some interesting finds!


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Notes from the Library

A book currently on the New York Times bestseller list is “The Hidden Life of Trees – What they feel, how they communicate ” by Peter Wohlleben. We don’t actually have it in the HCP library yet. However, an acquaintance of ours has read some of the Wohlleben book. Based on his knowledge as a PhD in Forestry, he has questioned some of the information in the “Hidden Life” and caused me to consider whether we would not be well advised to read up on some of the books we already have!

Our friend can only account for the book’s popularity by concluding that folks in general have a pretty sketchy idea of how trees grow and have perhaps never stopped to consider the mysteries of what goes on behind the bark!

There’s a good selection of books in the HCP Library to do with trees – how to identify them, conditions for growth, how to deal with pests, best trees for gardens, etc. etc. Drop in one Wednesday or Saturday morning for a browse.

We’re grateful to generous volunteers!

Lea and Dan donated a stained plank and brackets to make a shelf so we could display attractively bound books given to us by Doris Page a few years ago. You’ll probably spot it immediately as you come through the front door. Such time and effort spent on our behalf is much appreciated!