A Garden for Gardeners Since 1979

  • Nine acres of spectacular gardens showcase over 10,000 varieties of plants, the majority of which are labelled
  • Thirty-four different areas are designed and planted to demonstrate landscaping techniques suitable for the Pacific Northwest
  • Some gardens are cared for by local clubs including: Heather, Rhododendron, Lily and Hardy Plant
  • Year-round interest includes the renowned Doris Page Winter Garden and the Takata Japanese Garden
  • Private tours, group tours and guided school tours will happily be arranged
  • For a map of the demonstration gardens, click here
  • Horticulture Library with over 2,500 landscaping and garden-related books and magazines
  • Nourish Bistro, for hours and information click here
  • A volunteer program needing gardeners, carpenters, office and events help
  • Most recently known as “Glendale” Gardens”, now referred to as The Gardens at HCP


For video tours of the Gardens visit the HCP YouTube channel.

Below are some lovely video tours of the Gardens to music:

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Comments from Visitors

  • Questions! Seek out Staff or Volunteers. I did.
    March 26, 2014

  • Good walking shoes. And a camera.
    March 26, 2014

  • Go often and at different times of the day and seasons. Always something beautiful to see. A little place of Zen in this hectic pace of life. Things to learn as well!
    100% love it to date